lobster1Lobster (1/2 kg - 1 lb)

Butter or Garlic

Fried Baby Red Snapper (1/2 kg - 1 lb)

Baby Shrimp

Butter, garlic or red hot sauce

Fish Fillet

  • Butter, Garlic, Breaded, Meuniere (butter and cilantro), Veracruz (covered with a warm tomato sauce)
  • Madrazo (Covered with melted cheese, spinach and a creamy white sauce)

Jumbo Shrimp

  • Butter, garlic butter, hot sauce, Mexican Style (chopped tomatoes, onions and hot chilies) 
  • Breaded with tartar sauce

Fish Fingers

Served with French Fries only


  • Butter, Garlic, Mexican Style (chopped tomatoes, onions and hot chilies),
  • Babilonia (Mexican chili pepper and cilantro)
  • Ajillo (Mexican chili pepper, mushrooms and garlic)

Seafood Brochette

Fish, Shrimp, green pepper and tomato

The Chef Specialties are served with white rice and steamed vegetables